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Veeco/ai Reunion

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Larry Merkin’s 60th SURPRISE – (not)

Birthday Party


Great time, good food & nice people!!!!

All the people who showed up who were X-AI had one thing to say.

Besides "Happy Birthday Larry"

Was.... when are we going to do another ai reunion????



                 Chuck Yarling, Bill Sciafe, Kenny Ebersole                                                                   Mr. Larry Merkin (Birthday Boy)


                                   Jim Candela





              Tony Tanner                Bill Sciafe                  Bob Griffith              Larry Merkin         Kenny Ebersole             Jim Candela



Last reunion.

Don't forget to purchase a shirt!!


tn_hanna 012.jpgtn_hanna 03.jpgtn_hanna 11.jpg
tn_hanna 05.jpgtn_hanna 08.jpgtn_hanna 09.jpgtn_hanna 10.jpg

tn_hanna 13.jpgtn_hanna 14.jpgtn_hanna 18.jpgtn_hanna 19.jpg

tn_hanna 22.jpgtn_hanna 24.jpgtn_hanna 25.jpgtn_hanna 26.jpg

tn_hanna 28.jpgtn_hanna 29.jpgtn_hanna 34.jpgtn_hanna 36.jpg

tn_hanna 38.jpgtn_hanna 39.jpgtn_hanna 42.jpgtn_hanna 43.jpg

tn_hanna 45.jpgtn_hanna 47.jpgtn_hanna 48.jpgtn_hanna 49.jpg

tn_hanna 50.jpgtn_hanna 56.jpgtn_hanna 58.jpgtn_hanna 60.jpg

tn_hanna 59.jpgtn_hanna 61.jpgtn_hanna 62.jpgtn_hanna 77.jpg

tn_veeco 03.jpgtn_veeco 06.jpgtn_veeco 19.jpgtn_veeco 20.jpg

tn_hanna 201.jpgtn_hanna 30.jpgtn_hanna 40.jpgtn_hanna 44.jpgtn_hanna 52.jpgtn_hanna 57.jpg

tn_hanna 70.jpgtn_hanna 71.jpgtn_veeco 15.jpgtn_veeco 21.jpgtn_veeco 31.jpgtn_veeco 30.jpg




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