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Accelerators Inc., was one of the first companies to develop a commercially available ion implanter for production of semiconductor implantation.

In 1970 they shipped their first accelerator, the IMPLANTER l, to Hughes in Newport Beach, CA.

1972, released a 200-Kev system, the IMPLANTER ll.

1973, the first production system with a carousel end station, the MODEL 200MP.

1974, the first MOS system dedicated to low energy implants was released, MODEL TA80.

1975, released the first 3" wafer, automated cassette-to-cassette system, MODEL 200WE.

1976, released the first 4" (100mm) automated wafer handling system, MODEL 200WE-100.

1977, released the most popular system ever developed. The first time cryopumps were used for the vacuum system to produce a contamination free vacuum. Simple operation, low maintenance, maximum uptime and a small footprint modular design soon became the industry standard. The MODEL AIM 210.

Factory Location: 212 Industrial Blvd., Circle S Dr., Austin TX

Besides Accelerators Inc., other companies involved with laboratory-type accelerators were:

Bell Laboratories, 1950's

AFCRL, 1960's

Ion Physics/Signetics, 1960's

High Voltage Engineering, 1969

Hughes, 20% shareholder of Accelerators Inc. stock

Extrion Corp., began production equipment in 1971. A start-up company formed by employees of High Voltage Engineering.





hpim0297.png      hpim0296.png

           7401 Circle S Road, Austin, TX (Now Artcarved)              


   212 Industrial Blvd., Austin, TX (Now Austin Tool & Baker Distributing Co.)

hpim0304.jpg      hpim0305.jpg

                               1611 Headway Circle #1A, Austin, TX (Now the home of Accelerated Technologies)



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