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Guest Book

Please take a moment to sign our guest book and tell us a little something about yourself. You may do so by clicking  here. If you are in contact with someone you worked with at Accelerators, please let us know or forward this site to them. We started this site. 1/12/2006, and the response has been fantastic! People who worked in the early development of IC's, really bond. Passing this information down and along, is what it's all about.

Be sure to visit the ai blog, add some names to the photo slide show.  Here

Next year is 2007 and the 20th anniversary of Veeco closing it's Austin operations. We need to start planning a reunion party. The last reunion was at Larry Merkin's ranch house in Wimberley, TX. The house there is no longer available but he has offered the use of his land there if we need to. Larry also suggested the local VFW hall as an option. A location in Austin may be more convenient. Because it is a year away we have plenty of time to figure something out. If you have any suggestions add them to the blog comments or send to, support@acceleratorsinc.com

Larry Merkinís 60th SURPRISE Ė (not)

Birthday Party


My sister and brother were planning a surprise birthday party for me at my sisterís house.  Well it is not a surprise any more, I found out about it.  They were having trouble finding and contacting all my friends.  The road into our ranch has gotten so rough that it is hard getting in and out without a Truck or SUV.  So after I found out about the party I decided to change it to the VFW Hall on Jacobs Well Road about 3 to 4 miles before you get to our ranch. And revise the times.


Saturday, December 8th 2007

4 to 8 PM

Chili, Taquitos, Tamales,

Tea & Lemonade provided


B.Y.O.B. Sodas and other drinks


Directions to VFW Hall

401 Jacobs Well Road

About ĺ mile off Ranch Road 12

About 11 miles south of Dripping Springs or

About 4 miles north of Wimberley



A big thank you for the people who put it together!!!

See pics here!!




Try to contact as many people as you can.


Guest: Chuck Yarling. Howdy: I worked at AI from 1977 to 1978 as a design engineer on the AIM 210. After a RIF, I went to Motorola as a process engineer whose sole purpose was to keep the AIM 210 they bought working. It was great.
I look forward to hearing from y'all and a possible reunion later this year.

ai: Chuck, great to hear from you! The last reunion was a few years ago. Long before there was a chicken in every pot, and laptops on every desk (no email). Still, the turn-out was surprising. This year will be a lot better. We got you on the mailing list, check back here for updates. See you soon!


Guest: Tim Green, Drafting Dept. You can publish any picture of me you like. As long as I have clothes on!

ai: Tim, your "clothes on" request may be hard to find!


Guest: Don Smith, Design & Drafting. Thatís greatÖ.I hope I can dig up something.

ai: Great Don! There are a lot of pics of you at the reunion. Check them out and download more at the "Downloads" page.

Guest: Sherry Schena, What memories!  Those photos were brought back many memories of a wonderful employee closeness that is often lost in this day and time.  I worked for AI and then when it became Veeco.  My how time has flown by!
Looking forward to when we can all get together soon.

ai: Sherry, glad you dropped by. Let the people you keep in touch with know about this site. Check back often. We need to make plans for the next reunion!


Guest: Craig Taylor, worked for Veeco as an electronics design engineer from 1982 to 1987.  I "rode the horse into the ground".
This site is a great idea.  Looking at the pictures from the "Merkin picnic" brings back all sorts of old memories.  
 Anyone remember when Jim Candela hit a rock on his dirtbike and Jim came off along with the seat and the battery?  When he stood the bike up the battery was hanging by it's cables.  I laughed like a maniac!

ai: I bet Jim remembers! Hey CT, great to hear from you. We added some pics to download at the "Downloads" page. We will add more info and pics later, so drop by often!


Guest:  Mike Valescu, I was there from 1974 till it ended in 1986. I worked with the AI tools at IICO and now (God Help Me) at Core Systems. I walked the world for Veeco and then I walked the street.

ai: Hey Mike, how in the world are you?! 12 fears! I hope you still have your 10 year pin! Do you glow in the dark? Come back and visit, let us know what's up. Expect an email. See ya soon.


Guest: I'm Monty King and worked for AI from 1970 to 1975. I first shared electronic production supervisorship with Bernard Lalla. Later replaced Richard Blocker as final assy supervisor and lastly worked as a field service engineer. In 1975 I went, along with a 200 HP, to work for Howard Hughes as a process engineer. Later I returned to once again work for Al Noonan, in Austin, in his engineering dept, at Eaton Corp.

ai: Monty, I bet you have some stories! We are glad you stayed close to home. Port L., is a great place! Early R&D to production, must have been a blast. I hope we get some pics of the 200HP. If you have any, send them in. Check back, stay in touch, and we will to.


Guest:  John Donahue. Well, hello to all. As many of you know, I worked at Veeco 82 to 87 including some contract stuff after the closing. The pictures are priceless. Appreciate the effort you've gone to in order to make this stuff available to all. It has reminded me again of the value in remembering those special times we shared with some facinating people. Count me in on any future gathering. - Johnny "D".

ai: Hey Johnny, great to hear from you. We have a lot of pics to scan and post. I know there is shots with you in them. Will be in touch. Thanks!


Guest: Jim Candela. Hi All, I worked for Veeco from 1981-1987 until the doors closed, and then a little more.

ai: Read Jim's story here.


Guest: Sam Stimson, I was at AI for a fairly short time in 1980. Retired from the USAF and went right to work as the Quality Manager. Most of my work was on the AIM210.


Guest: Larry B. Merkin. This is fantastic. I can not wait to see who all responds. Thank you so much, whomever created this site.


Guest: Kenny Ebersole. Larry Merkin pointed me to the site. Nice to see some old faces......and I mean OLD. Worked at Veeco from 84 until the doors closed. Nice memories.....thanks for the site.

ai: Read Kenny's story here.


Guest: Philip G. Teague. Fantastic idea!  Thanks for the gathering stone...

ai: Read Phil's story here.


Guest: Bertha Conner. Wow! This is so cool.I worked at AI/Veeco from 1978 to 1986 when it closed.Left for about two year in the early 80's.Before I left I worked on the assembly line.When I came back I was the Lead of assembly.Boy what a wonderful group of people. We had so much fun.Hope to see you all real soon.


Guest: Glenn Hazleton worked for Veeco 82-85. 
 This web page is a trip!!  Hearing voices from the past.  Good job putting it together.  

ai: Read Glenn's story here.


Guest: Dan Estep, Hi All.
I worked at Accelerators from 1972 to 1979 in Field Service and Production.  Sure is good to see some of the faces I've not seen for a long time.


Guest: Debbie Sughrue (Chaney) I worked at AI/Veeco from 1979-1986...had a great time and a great group of people..Would love to see everybody again.


Guest: Bill Faul   Howdy all for the North Country. I worked for AI/VEECO for 1973 until almost the end. Then after a stint with Novellus CVD Systems and Ion Implant Services I took a job with BAE Systems Microelectronic Group in Nashua New Hampshire where I am now, still playing with Implanters and semiconductor manufacturing tools.I would like to hear from some of you. I do get back to Austin once or twice a year.


ai: Bill Faul, the MASTER of implanters! The only person I ever knew that could go to a customer at night, implanter down, and the next morning the damn thing was working like brand new! He was for sure theYoda Man, and still is! If Bill Scaife could sell it, (the best) Bill Faul could make the customer happy!


Guest: Miles Thompson Livermore CA!


ai: Look at the photos and comments Miles has made at the "Systems Page" as well as his photos and comments at our blog here.  Miles and Jenell are still end users. Great pics!!!! Be sure to click on his "Comments"


ai: What a great response from ex-co-workers! Forward this (Your) site to anyone you still keep in touch with. Remember to send in your stories!


If you missed Larry Merkins 60th Birthday party, it was great!!!! On such short notice, I was surprised how many people showed up that were X-AI. We all agreed that it is time for a real get together!!!



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